Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Westborough, MA


Hosted by: Outing Club
When: Saturday, February 1 2014, 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Location: Westborough, MA
Category: Travel / Off Campus Trip

Join the Outing Club on our first trip EVER to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Westborough, MA. Sky Zone's Trampoline Gym consists of exactly what you think it does: an endless floor of trampolines. The surface is surrounded by even more trampolines, allowing jumpers to jump off the wall. Jumpers also have access to a foam zone, 3-D Dodgeball, and SkySlam Basketball. Admit it. Your inner child wants you to sign up. In more adult terms, it's also a great way to blow off steam, get a workout, and procrastinate on that first paper of the semester by jumping on trampolines and playing games like you did as a kid.

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To request a spot, contact Eunice Zepeda at