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Thursday, March 23 2017, 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Faculty member, Johnathan Derry, will showcase his recent work in this solo exhibition at Clark University. 

Johnathan Derry assembles his sculpture using found objects and the “detritus that is the residue of our material world.”  Combining these humble materials in surprising and often paradoxical relationships, new associations and meanings emerge.  Derry states, “my work can be described as a set of objects displayed before you that have the hallmarks of a totem disassembled on the floor, needing the viewer to act as an anthropologist to transcribe the significance”.  He engages both comic and melancholy themes and allows the poignancy of some of the repurposed objects to inflect the overall tone of the newly constructed piece. These sculptures offer subtle narratives and a fresh lens on representation.  The evocative titles of the works also provide the viewer a further invitation to interpretation.



Traina Center for the Arts

Schiltkamp Gallery